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Thank you and goodbye from Retirement Planner

Retirement Planner is, itself, retiring on Thursday 15 October 2021.

Neil MacLeod: Diversify wrappers to maximise tax-free allowances

Neil MacLeod talks diversification of tax wrappers to maximise tax-free allowances

Neil MacGillivray: The CTF and Junior ISA subscription limit quirk

With some children getting preferential access to bank of mum and/or dad into adulthood, advisers can play a part in helping parents, and even grandparents, make provision for this financially. With some careful planning around Child Trust Funds and Junior ISAs, Neil MacGillivray says clients would be barking mad to miss out on this government generosity…

RP case studies: Getting outside help for a property purchase

A self-employed plumber gets help from an unexpected source to help buy her perfect premises, writes Jessica List

Pooja Dasgupta: Gary Lineker’s IR35 court wrangle explained

HMRC has added TV presenter and football legend Gary Lineker to its list of recent cases brought against high-profile people for alleged non-compliance with the intermediaries legislation, commonly known as IR35, and associated tax avoidance. Pooja Dasgupta explores the issues

Chris Jones: Somebody else’s problem – outsourcing and infrastructure

Chris Jones explores the benefits of outsourcing in his latest RP contribution in which he says with all else being equal, outsourcing is worth it just to make it somebody else’s problem

Barrie Dawson: Winter is gone but the LTA freeze has arrived

The frozen lifetime allowance for pension contributions is now in place. Here Barrie Dawson runs through some examples of what it could mean for clients

RP Case Study: Purchasing plots through pension pots

Jessica List runs through a land purchase-focused case study where an adviser helps make a client’s pensions wishes come true

Stephen McPhillips: Tapering and annual allowance complexities

Stephen McPhillips takes a look at the annual allowance, tapering and all the complexities therewith. As is often the case with pensions, the devil is in the detail, and it pays to be precise

Caroline Holley: Safeguarding clients’ finances during a lockdown divorce

Lockdown may have been the straw that broke the camel's back for some couples heading towards divorce proceedings. Here Caroline Holley outlines tips for advisers

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Thank you and goodbye from Retirement Planner

Retirement Planner is, itself, retiring on Thursday 15 October 2021.