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Chris Jones: Somebody else’s problem – outsourcing and infrastructure

Chris Jones explores the benefits of outsourcing in his latest RP contribution in which he says with all else being equal, outsourcing is worth it just to make it somebody else’s problem

Barrie Dawson: Winter is gone but the LTA freeze has arrived

The frozen lifetime allowance for pension contributions is now in place. Here Barrie Dawson runs through some examples of what it could mean for clients

RP Case Study: Purchasing plots through pension pots

Jessica List runs through a land purchase-focused case study where an adviser helps make a client’s pensions wishes come true

Stephen McPhillips: Tapering and annual allowance complexities

Stephen McPhillips takes a look at the annual allowance, tapering and all the complexities therewith. As is often the case with pensions, the devil is in the detail, and it pays to be precise

Caroline Holley: Safeguarding clients’ finances during a lockdown divorce

Lockdown may have been the straw that broke the camel's back for some couples heading towards divorce proceedings. Here Caroline Holley outlines tips for advisers

RP case studies: Business expansion through SSAS employer loan

Stephen McPhillips talks through a SSAS loan to employer scenario which enables a business to expand in the latest RP case study

Chris Jones: No investor is an island

Chris Jones imagines a remote island scenario through the prysm of retirement planning in his latest article for RP

RP case studies: LTA charges on death benefits explained

Jessica List looks at the possible charges on death benefits linked to the lifetime allowance in the latest RP case study

Adrian Boulding: Tech is real hero in pension charge disclosure story

Technology can now revolutionise charges disclosure - revealing both heroes and villains at the click of a mouse, writes Adrian Boulding

Neil MacGillivray: Riding to the rescue after triggering the MPAA

"Woah, trigger!" exclaims Neil MacGillivray, who uses a real-life case study to assess the common ways savers can trigger the MPAA

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