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Chris Jones: No investor is an island

Chris Jones imagines a remote island scenario through the prysm of retirement planning in his latest article for RP

RP case studies: LTA charges on death benefits explained

Jessica List looks at the possible charges on death benefits linked to the lifetime allowance in the latest RP case study

Adrian Boulding: Tech is real hero in pension charge disclosure story

Technology can now revolutionise charges disclosure - revealing both heroes and villains at the click of a mouse, writes Adrian Boulding

Neil MacGillivray: Riding to the rescue after triggering the MPAA

"Woah, trigger!" exclaims Neil MacGillivray, who uses a real-life case study to assess the common ways savers can trigger the MPAA

Claire Trott: Extracting company profits with maximum efficiency

Extracting profit from a company at the end of the tax year is a process with many moving parts, writes Claire Trott. Here she explores the three options available

Mark Devlin: Pension contributions and relevant income explained

Mark Devlin looks at the relevance of relevant earnings as the end of the tax year approaches...

Adrian Boulding: Five key post-Covid client needs

As we tentatively emerge from lockdown, Adrian Boulding looks at the five key themes advisers may wish to discuss with their clients in the 'new normal'

RP case studies: UFPLS rules at age 75 expained

Turning 75 still affects a range of different pension rules. Here Jessica List demonstrates how it affects clients who may wish to take an UFPLS

Trisha Siddique and Helen Barnett: CGT and divorce explained

Lawyers Trisha Siddique and Helen Barnett look at the CGT consequences of divorce in light of potential changes in the upcoming Budget

Garrett Harbron: Advice on getting retirement spending in (the right) order

Retiring clients should be made aware that spending savings in the right order can make a huge difference to their finances, writes Garrett Harbon

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Lasting Power of Attorney applications drop 30% during pandemic

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) registrations fell "significantly" during the pandemic as lockdown measures made the process more onerous, according to official figures.