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Adrian Boulding: Go against the pack and consider an annuity

The much-maligned annuity is still a worthy contender in the retirement income space, writes Spire Platform Solutions' Adrian Boulding. Here he outlines why advisers shouldn't discount them entirely
Rewriting the rules on retirement planning

Neil MacGillivray: To scheme pay or not to scheme pay

Neil MacGillvray explores the options for paying the pension annual allowance charge and asks if the 'scheme pays' route is the most efficient for clients...

Kim Jarvis: IHT and terminally ill clients

Kim Jarvis explores IHT in light of a life-limiting illness and says while planning in such a scenario may be challenging it can be very worthwhile

Ray Tubman: Using enhanced tech to keep CGT under control

Ray Tubman looks at the importance of CGT tools as the threat of a post-Covid wealth tax looms...

John Chew: Redundancy and pension planning explained

John Chew looks at the rules and regulations governing redundancy payments and explores how pension planning can be adapted when the worst happens...

Jessica List: The risk of forgetting an expression of wishes

To emphasise the importance of an expression of wishes, Jessica List runs through a scenario where forgetting to complete one results in a sticky spot for a hypothetical client

Claire Trott: Decisions to make on annual allowance charge

Due to the tapered annual allowance, many people are subject to an annual allowance charge, which can be a significant outlay, writes Claire Trott. Here she discusses client options which need careful consideration...

Adrian Boulding: First steps along the ‘investment pathway’

The secret of a good strategic plan is to look through your initial targets and out beyond them, writes Adrian Boulding. Here he discusses drawdown investment pathways and why it will pay dividends to think long-term...

Adrian Boulding: SSAS advantages in 10 key points

Adrian Boulding continues his deep dive into the SSAS market with his second feature on the lesser-known corner of the pensions world. Here he outlines 10 key points advisers should know and highlights SSAS' client-retention potential

Joshua Croft: Clarifying carry forward

Joshua Croft gets into the nuts and bolts of carry forward rules in his latest article for Retirement Planner

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Pension transfer values end volatile year 8% up; scam ‘red flags’...

Pension transfer values ended 2020 at £259,000, 8% higher than the start of the year, according to XPS Pension Group after suffering periods of substantial volatility linked to the pandemic while potential scams reached record highs.