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RP case studies: Getting to grips with pension sharing orders

The RP case studies series returns with an article from Curtis Banks' Jessical List, looking at the nuances of pension sharing orders after the end of a civil partnership.

Martin Jones: How well protected is client money on investment platforms?

With the current pandemic and broader economic lockdown, many clients are understandably concerned about how secure their money is. Martin Jones looks at investment platforms and what protections are in place should the worst come to the worst.
Three golden rules: Key Retirement Solutions' new approach

Amyr Rocha-Lima on the psychology of retirement part 3: The impact of retirement

In the final edition of this three-part series, Chartered financial planner Amyr Rocha-Lima discusses the impact retirement can have on clients and suggests what may help them adjust to a different way of living

Raymond Backreedy: The advantages of a predefined investment strategy

Common sense tells us that keeping all options open is better than committing to a rigid, predefined path. But in the investment space, that is only partly true, writes Raymond Backreedy.

Bob Champion: Managing drawdown expectations as markets plunge

Drawdown retirees doing it for themselves may be in need of some investment advice during the coronavirus pandemic market plunge, writes Bob Champion. Is now the time to include housing wealth in their thinking?

Jessica List: Why delayed lump sums might benefit clients

A PCLS can be taken any time up to a year after the client becomes entitled to it. So why might someone want to delay taking their lump sum? Jessica List explains

Tom Delic: Diary of a value fund manager amid Covid-19

Tom Delic highlights his account of the challenges he is facing as the Covid-19 pandemic reaches its peak and dreams of a trip to Oktoberfest
Behavioural finance: What would you choose?

Scottish Widows changes annuity application process amid coronavirus

Scottish Widows has temporarily extended its quote guarantee period and changed how it accepts annuity applications to support advisers and customers during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bethany Joslyn: Pensions tax relief 101

Bethany Joslyn recaps how tax relief is granted on contributions to pension schemes

Amyr Rocha-Lima on the psychology of retirement part 2: Eight ways to help clients...

In the second part of his series on the psychology of retirement, Chartered financial planner Amyr Rocha-Lima explores eight ways advisers can help their clients adjust to life in retirement

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