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Adrian Boulding: Go against the pack and consider an annuity

The much-maligned annuity is still a worthy contender in the retirement income space, writes Spire Platform Solutions' Adrian Boulding. Here he outlines why advisers shouldn't discount them entirely

Jon Greer: Why advisers must ‘sit up and take notice’ of investment pathways

In February, there will be a fundamental change when a customer contacts their pension provider to access drawdown, writes Jon Greer. Here he explains why advisers must 'sit up and take notice' of investment pathways

John Chew: Redundancy and pension planning explained

John Chew looks at the rules and regulations governing redundancy payments and explores how pension planning can be adapted when the worst happens...

Adrian Boulding: First steps along the ‘investment pathway’

The secret of a good strategic plan is to look through your initial targets and out beyond them, writes Adrian Boulding. Here he discusses drawdown investment pathways and why it will pay dividends to think long-term...

RPI to be reformed in 2030 but no compensation for gilt holders

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) will be reformed and aligned with the housing cost-based version of the Consumer Prices Index, known as CPIH, by 2030, the Treasury has confirmed.

Chris Jones: A centralised retirement proposition risk-assessment

Chris Jones explores the makeup of a centralised retirement proposition and its associated risks

RP case studies: Third-party contribution consequences

A surprise third-party pension contribution comes with some unintended consequences in the latest RP case study penned by Jessica List

Shona McCluskey: Firms that grasp investment pathways will take ‘higher ground’

Drawdown retirees are set to be put on 'investment pathways' in a bid to secure better outcomes for all. Here Shona McCluskey assesses the changes and urges firms to consider the wider objectives

Steve Hunter: What next for retirees reliant on investment income?

Drawdown retirees forced to reduce income during the early stages of the pandemic are now considering the best way to turn the taps back on, writes Steve Hunter

Canada Life links with Brewin Dolphin on 14 pension funds

Canada Life has launched a range of 14 pension funds managed by wealth manager Brewin Dolphin.

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