Estate planning

IHT receipts fall for first time in 10 years

The amount of money HM Revenue & Customs received from Inheritance Tax (IHT) fell in 2019/20 for the first time in 10 years.

Bob Champion: Why equity release could boost economic recovery

Rather than a simple 'spend spend spend' message to get the economy back on its feet Bob Champion argues equity release could play a central role in the UK's economic bounceback.

Scarlett Musson: Lasting Power of Attorneys in a time of Covid-19

The importance of Lasting Power of Attorneys should never be underestimated and especially so during times like these, writes Scarlett Musson, who details how they can help clients in a time of Covid-19.

Neil Jones: Piloting your pension to the good life

Following the pension freedoms, many believe that pilot trusts, also known as bypass trusts, are redundant, but that isn’t necessarily so, writes Neil Jones.

Neil MacGillivray: The Chancellor who keeps on giving, for now

Earlier this week, Neil MacGillivray took a view on what taxes may be implemented to subsidise the government's recent surge in Covid-19 spending but, after Wednesday's summer economic update from the Chancellor, the tax expert says Rishi Sunak is still all "give, give, give"...

Bob Champion: It’s all in the family

Bob Champion runs through a lockdown family scenario which he predicts might just become more common as the scenario pans out. Here, he writes, later life advisers may find themselves busier than ever as we ease restrictions.

Jessica List: Death benefit discretion problems revisited

Two years on from her previous article, Jessica List returns to the issues surrounding discretionary death benefits which are still causing headaches for administrators...

Clare Moffat: Helping clients help their families in lockdown

Advisers can use their expertise to help clients help their families during these extraordinary times, writes Clare Moffat.

Estate planning inertia: How IFAs can help plug the gap

Caoilionn Hurley explains how IFAs can help clients deal with estate planning inertia.

Philip Dickinson: How a pandemic is revolutionising the pensions sector

It can often take an external ‘shock’ to change custom and practice in an industry, writes Philip Dickinson. Here he explores how the pensions sector has been changed for the better by Covid-19.

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RP case studies: Unquoted shares and a management buyout

Richard Mattison runs through a SSAS case study outlining how the vehicle can assist in a management buyout scenario.