Estate planning

Estate planning inertia: How IFAs can help plug the gap

Caoilionn Hurley explains how IFAs can help clients deal with estate planning inertia.

Philip Dickinson: How a pandemic is revolutionising the pensions sector

It can often take an external ‘shock’ to change custom and practice in an industry, writes Philip Dickinson. Here he explores how the pensions sector has been changed for the better by Covid-19.

Libby Holding: IHT relief for emergency workers

It is easy to see why blue-light relief has become more relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, writes Libby Holding, who explains which clients the relief may apply to and in what circumstances.

Bob Champion: Preparing for a post-coronavirus world starts now

Bob Champion looks at the prospects for life after Covid-19 and asks how financial services can change and evolve to serve clients operating in the 'new normal'. He says 'normal will never be the same but the time to prepare for it is now'.

Kim Jarvis: Income modelling for personal injury trusts

Kim Jarvis looks at personal injury trusts and explains what advisers need to know to help people deal with large sums after sometimes tragic events...

Jessica List: Trusts as a beneficiaries explained

Despite rule changes, there are still a number of reasons naming a trust a trust as a beneficiary can lead to good outcomes. Jessica List explains all

Kim Jarvis: Chargeable events and deficiency relief

Canada Life’s Kim Jarvis looks at chargeable events and deficiency relief in this technical article for Retirement Planner.

Andrew Banks: Does History Repeat Itself?

Andrew Banks remembers previous market setbacks and consider what they mean for markets today.

Neil MacGillivray: The Budget’s good news on gains

Tucked away in this year’s Budget was quite an important change in relation to the taxation of life insurance bonds, writes Neil MacGillivray, which could spell good news for many…

Kim Jarvis: The intricacies of obtaining a loan from a trust

Trustees are permitted to grant interest-free loans from trusts to beneficiaries under certain circumstances. Here, Canada Life's Kim Jarvis runs through the intricacies

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