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Bob Champion: Reflections on selling the family home

Bob Champion pens a heartfelt piece about the sale of his late mother’s house, the family home for 62 years. Here he reflects on happy memories, trips to Stamford Bridge, why downsizing isn’t always the easy option and how equity release could help.

Bob Champion: Understanding the significant impact of inflation

Bob Champion looks at the impact inflation can have on a person's retirement and asks if retirees should be explore equity release options as economic stability remains elusive.

Bob Champion: Through the looking glass

After one financial services professional took to social media to attack daytime TV equity release adverts Bob Champion uses his latest column to make the case for the product, which he says could be some retirees' only viable option.

Equity release clients go back to basics during lockdown – Canada Life

Clients using equity release to support day-to-day living accounted for more than a fifth of Canada Life’s transactions during lockdown.

Bob Champion: Why equity release could boost economic recovery

Rather than a simple 'spend spend spend' message to get the economy back on its feet Bob Champion argues equity release could play a central role in the UK's economic bounceback.

Bob Champion: It’s all in the family

Bob Champion runs through a lockdown family scenario which he predicts might just become more common as the scenario pans out. Here, he writes, later life advisers may find themselves busier than ever as we ease restrictions.

Bob Champion: Preparing for a post-coronavirus world starts now

Bob Champion looks at the prospects for life after Covid-19 and asks how financial services can change and evolve to serve clients operating in the 'new normal'. He says 'normal will never be the same but the time to prepare for it is now'.

Bob Champion: Managing drawdown expectations as markets plunge

Drawdown retirees doing it for themselves may be in need of some investment advice during the coronavirus pandemic market plunge, writes Bob Champion. Is now the time to include housing wealth in their thinking?

Bob Champion: Three retirees walk into an adviser’s office…

Retirement income is definitely not all about pensions, writes Bob Champion. Here he explores three very different client scenarios with equity release in mind

Budget 2020: What are the 10 key takeaways?

Budget 2020: What are the 10 key takeaways? Professional Adviser and Investment Week report

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