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Stochastic models: The need for greater transparency

Black boxes: Why stochastic modelling demands heightened regulation

The world of stochastic models is largely opaque. They are seen as the "black boxes" of the investment analysis tool-kit and users are often asked...

Mike Morrison: It’s time for a rethink on DB transfer advice

I recently did five roadshows around the country with the AJ Bell Investcentre team, covering a number of issues from the new pension freedom...
Aileen lynch

Pensions freedom: Reasons to be careful

Pensions freedom, while giving welcome increased flexibility for consumers to access their savings and offering greater opportunity for advisers to engage and offer advice,...

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Lasting Power of Attorney applications drop 30% during pandemic

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) registrations fell "significantly" during the pandemic as lockdown measures made the process more onerous, according to official figures.