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A reality check on death benefits

The adviser community greeted the initial announcements on death benefit changes, in September 2014, with disbelief. While it did seem a bit too good to...
The multiple trusts waiting game

What is going on with multiple trusts?

Over the years a strategy of setting up trusts on different days has become a popular wealth planning strategy with advisers. This process, known as the...
SIPP investors and the big interest rate squeeze

SIPP investors face even lower cash interest rates

Low interest rates on self-invested personal pension (SIPP) accounts have long plagued retirement savers, but things are about to get a little bit worse,...
Income funds: The answer to the pensions conundrum?

The next big thing: Income funds set to soar post-pensions freedom

George Osborne dropped a retirement income bombshell in his 2014 Budget leaving asset managers rubbing their hands in anticipation. Pensions freedom and choice removed near...
Setting a business strategy for long-term success

Plotting a course toward long-term business success

The last piece in this series looked at the questions business owners need to ask themselves to properly chart a course for success. Hopefully, now...
Will freedom and choice boost the equity release market?

Four questions: Plotting a clear business course

Charting a clear business course for advisory firms is a common conundrum faced by many owners operators out there. Owners are so consumed with the demands and pressures...
Stochastic models: The need for greater transparency

Black boxes: Why stochastic modelling demands heightened regulation

The world of stochastic models is largely opaque. They are seen as the "black boxes" of the investment analysis tool-kit and users are often asked...

Mike Morrison: It’s time for a rethink on DB transfer advice

I recently did five roadshows around the country with the AJ Bell Investcentre team, covering a number of issues from the new pension freedom...
Aileen lynch

Pensions freedom: Reasons to be careful

Pensions freedom, while giving welcome increased flexibility for consumers to access their savings and offering greater opportunity for advisers to engage and offer advice,...

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