RP case studies: Dealing with a decumulation pension rule quirk

In the latest RP case study, Jessica List looks at a quirk in the rules governing UFPLS and enhanced protection of tax-free cash

Bernadette Lewis: Maximising pension contributions for shareholding directors

Bernadette Lewis looks at the interaction between salary, dividends and employer pension contributions in her latest technical article for Retirement Planner

RP case studies: When the bank says no a SSAS can help

In the latest RP case study, Martin Tilley looks at the advantages SSAS can offer to business owner clients when the banks won’t play ball…

Revealed: First shortlists for 2018 Women in Financial Advice Awards

Rising Star, Mentor of the Year and more

Peter Hopkins: The nitty-gritty of discretionary death benefits

Peter Hopkins looks at discretionary death benefits and sets out a detailed list of dos and don'ts when going through the process with clients...

RP case studies: Lifetime allowance versus income tax charges

In the latest RP case study, Fiona Tait looks at a SIPP saver in an enviable position. She explores the best options available as the client faces the LTA tax charge in two years' time...

Henry Cobbe: Decumulation – the new investment conundrum

For many years, the savings industry has been solely concerned with accumulation but, writes Henry Cobbe, there is now also a real need to develop thinking on how to tackle the decumulation issue for savers

Martin Tilley: SSAS as an alternate lender

Martin Tilley looks at the world of SSAS pension-led funding including what makes a suitable security to protect a scheme against loss - and it's not Rolex watches, classic cars or diamonds...

RP case studies: Looking back to maximise pension tax allowances

Jess List explores a pension contribution case where a high earner finally gets the retirement planning bug and needs some tapered annual allowance advice

George Houston: Are clients really interested in IHT?

George Houston looks at the emotive issue of IHT and says, while it is never straightforward, a discussion with clients is an essential part of the advice process

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