Neil MacGillivray: High Income Child Benefit Charge angst

Neil MacGillivray assesses the complications of the Child Benefit to help advisers avoid their own version of teenage angst.

Lisa Webster: Will investment pathways fuel pension disengagement?

Is 'auto-everything' the next step for pensions? That's the direction of travel from the FCA, according to Lisa Webster. Here she explores if true advice will become the preserve of HNW clients.

Andrew Aldridge: Understanding the tax-efficient investment process

When assessing tax-efficient investments, writes Andrew Aldridge, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between mainstream investing and unquoted, early-stage stocks.

Eddie McGuire: Holding business premises in a SIPP is ‘educational process’

Few people are aware they can place their business premises in a SIPP, writes Eddie McGuire. But financial advisers could be well-placed to help their clients do so.

Danielle Byrne: The fundamentals of fixed protection

Danielle Byrne looks at the complex rules around pension contribution limits and urges the powers that be to make much-needed simplifications

Jack Rose: How VCTs are shaping up in 2019/20

With only a handful of the established VCTs yet to declare their fundraising intentions for this year, writes Jack Rose, the landscape for 'tax season' is becoming clearer.

James Baxter: Why would anyone buy annuities at current rates?

James Baxter takes a view on the retirement income market - asking why would anyone buy an annuity right now?

Adrian Boulding: Why the tapered annual allowance has to go

Adrian Boulding looks at the unpopular tapered annual allowance and predicts its imminent demise...

Kirsty Anderson: Lifestyle planning for the 21st century

Planning a glide path to retirement with the use of a modern lifestyle strategy should be part of a client’s thinking long before they leave the office, writes Kirsty Anderson

Claire Trott: Family wealth is changing

Retirement planning is in for a shake-up, particularly from a familial perspective, predicts Claire Trott, because the way money is passed through generations is changing …

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