RP case studies: Property purchase can be a family affair

Jessica List uses her latest RP case study to explore how a family can purchase property through their respective self-invested personal pensions.

Lisa Webster: The Staveley case explained

Lisa Webster takes a detailed look at the Staveley case concerning IHT liabilities.

RP case studies: Borrowing for a second SIPP property

Jessica List uses this case study to outline a SIPP-based property purchase scenario.

Neil MacGillivray: Common sense (finally) prevails on IHT

Advisers breathed a collective sigh of relief following the Supreme Court's decision in the Staveley case, around IHT on transfers made by clients in ill-health. Here Neil MacGillivray reflects on the ground-breaking judgement, which echoed a case he'd tried to help an adviser with several years ago…

RP case studies: Getting specific on expression of wishes

In the latest RP case study, Jessica List looks at just how specific a client can be when it comes to expression of wish forms.

RP case studies: Maximising business growth with SSAS secured loan

This real client case study shows how a SSAS can be used to fund the growth of a family business by making a secured loan, writes Richard Mattison.

RP case studies: Using a SSAS to create liquidity for benefit payments

Stephen McPhillips uses an intergenerational SSAS case study to illustrate how liquidity can be created to facilitate benefit payments

Lisa Webster: Lifetime allowance enhancements explained

Lisa Webster discusses lifetime allowance enhancements which are not applicable 'every day' but can be very important to those who qualify...

Laura Suter: Child Trust Funds come of age

The first Child Trust Funds are coming of age in September. Here, Laura Suter explores how the lucky 18-year-olds can find and access their savings...

Jessica List: Divorce, pension sharing and the LTA

When getting divorced people might not have pension sharing orders or the lifetime allowance at the forefront of their mind, writes Jessica List. However, it pays to keep these things in mind...

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