Adrian Boulding: Why the tapered annual allowance has to go

Adrian Boulding looks at the unpopular tapered annual allowance and predicts its imminent demise...

Kirsty Anderson: Lifestyle planning for the 21st century

Planning a glide path to retirement with the use of a modern lifestyle strategy should be part of a client’s thinking long before they leave the office, writes Kirsty Anderson

Claire Trott: Family wealth is changing

Retirement planning is in for a shake-up, particularly from a familial perspective, predicts Claire Trott, because the way money is passed through generations is changing …

Danielle Byrne: Does Brexit mean extinction for open-ended funds?

Danielle Byrne explores the future for open-ended funds after the UK leaves the European Union...

Neil MacGillivray: Is BoJo’s tax promise good news or a ‘red bus’?

When Boris Johnson announced that, if he becomes the next prime minister he would increase the 40% tax threshold from £50,000 to...

Jacqueline Clezy: Help! I need a refund on my pension contribution

Paying taxes is part of our contribution to society but, writes Jacqueline Clezy, surely nobody wants to make tax-efficient pension provision that turns out...

RP case studies: Using SIPP consolidation to bring pension freedom

People take out SIPPs for a variety of reasons, writes Elaine Turtle. Here she shares a case study which shows how the product's versatility can help clients access funds to help facilitate their chosen lifestyle 

Gareth James: MPAA – the two decade pension contribution diet

In light of the growing emphasis on personal responsibility in pension saving, Gareth James asks if the money purchase annual allowance is actually a disproportionate policy the government needs to revisit

Paul Darvil: SIPP and SSAS death benefits can be confusing – it’s an age...

Paul Darvill looks at SIPP and SSAS death benefits in his latest column for RP...

Andrew Aldridge: Why UK tech is one cause for post-Brexit optimism

As debate rages around how various UK business sectors might react in a post-Brexit world, Andrew Aldridge explains why - throughout the country - the technology sector stands out as an obvious area of expertise

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