RP case studies: Third-party contribution consequences

A surprise third-party pension contribution comes with some unintended consequences in the latest RP case study penned by Jessica List

Claire Trott: Getting the self-employed to engage with pensions

The self-employed may think they are getting sufficient advice from their accountants on tax efficiency and pensions. However, as Claire Trott explains, advisers are best placed to diffuse the self-employed retirement savings ticking timebomb...
Rewriting the rules on retirement planning

Neil MacGillivray: Weathering a DC pensions tax storm

With changes to defined contribution pensions on the horizon, Neil MacGillivray looks at the burden this could bring on investors who pay higher or additional rate tax…

Paul Darvill: Power of attorney and its complexities

Power of attorney is a very emotive subject for many clients, but it is something that advisers have found themselves getting more involved in of late, writes Paul Darvill. Read on for key points advisers need to consider.

RP case studies: Unquoted shares and a management buyout

Richard Mattison runs through a SSAS case study outlining how the vehicle can assist in a management buyout scenario.

Justin Corliss: Making the case for partial DB transfers

A DB transfer is often an 'all or nothing' decision for clients, however, partial transfers could be a half-way house alternative. Justin Corliss explains the process.

Claire Trott: Start your tax year-end planning now

Now is a great time to start to consider any available unused annual allowances and making the most of them for clients, writes Claire Trott.

Lisa Webster: Beware over-taxation when accessing a pot

As Covid-19 makes life harder for everyone some people may be looking to access their pension pot earlier than planned, writes Lisa Webster. However, without careful planning, a tax trauma could be on the way

Bethany Joslyn: Duty-free retirement saving?

Remote working, be that at home or somewhere more exotic, is here to stay, writes Bethany Joslyn. Here she looks at retirement saving options for UK workers doing their 5-9 from anywhere

RP case studies: Property purchase can be a family affair

Jessica List uses her latest RP case study to explore how a family can purchase property through their respective self-invested personal pensions.

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Kim Jarvis explores IHT in light of a life-limiting illness and says while planning in such a scenario may be challenging it can be very worthwhile