How to meet AE duties for furloughed workers

While furloughed workers are still entitled to pension contributions, Justin Corliss says employers must consider the impact of Covid-19 on their duties.

Extend NHS scheme pays deadline, government urged

The government has been urged to extend the scheme pays deadline for NHS Pension Scheme members in light of the Covid-19 crisis.

Stephen McPhillips: Utilising self-invested pensions during lockdown

As the world deals with the human and economic disaster that is Covid-19, Stephen McPhillips looks at how SIPP and SSAS could help business owners weather the storm.

NHS Pension Scheme: Five key points for financial advisers

Moira Warner highlights five key points about the NHS Pension Scheme as an army of retired medics head back to the frontline to battle against Covid-19

Jessica List: Why delayed lump sums might benefit clients

A PCLS can be taken any time up to a year after the client becomes entitled to it. So why might someone want to delay taking their lump sum? Jessica List explains

Bethany Joslyn: Pensions tax relief 101

Bethany Joslyn recaps how tax relief is granted on contributions to pension schemes

Sam Liddle: Why research pays off in absolute return retirement strategies

With great versatility comes great responsibility, writes Sam Liddle. Here he explains why retirement savers shouldn't give up on absolute return for drawdown.

Kim Jarvis: The intricacies of obtaining a loan from a trust

Trustees are permitted to grant interest-free loans from trusts to beneficiaries under certain circumstances. Here, Canada Life's Kim Jarvis runs through the intricacies

Rachel Vahey: Five ways GMP equalisation could affect scheme members

Rachel Vahey looks at five ways GMP equalisation could affect scheme members and urges all advisers to take note...

Jessica List: Lateral thinking on charity death benefit lump sums

Jessica List applies some lateral thinking to charity lump sum death benefits

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