Retirement income

Jamie Smith: Advice essential for pandemic-panicked retirement savers

As we know, it is a dangerous game trying to time the markets but quality advice should mean clients' retirement goals are less likely to be disrupted due to coronavirus, writes Jamie Smith

Gareth James: Regrets, I’ve had a few…..

Gareth James reflects on the difference between regret and disappointment and warns drawdown investment pathways could be an experiment the FCA comes to regret...

Richard Mattison: How advisers and providers are remodeling post-pandemic pensions

Richard Mattison explores how advisers are helping their clients get their SSAS pension schemes in the best possible shape for life post-pandemic

Martin Jones: Adviser role crucial when accessing pensions in ill-health

Martin Jones looks at the pension ill-health rules and why independent financial advisers have an important role to play…

Neil Jones: Piloting your pension to the good life

Following the pension freedoms, many believe that pilot trusts, also known as bypass trusts, are redundant, but that isn’t necessarily so, writes Neil Jones.

Structured products ‘an accident waiting to happen’ for many retirees – 7IM

Structured products are “an accident waiting to happen” for many retirees, with the inflexible terms and conditions of the product likely to have left investors exposed to losses following this year’s sell-off, according to 7IM.

Bob Champion: It’s all in the family

Bob Champion runs through a lockdown family scenario which he predicts might just become more common as the scenario pans out. Here, he writes, later life advisers may find themselves busier than ever as we ease restrictions.

Steve Hunter: What will the ‘new normal’ look like for drawdown retirees?

When we reach the new normal what will the landscape for retirement income generation look like? Steve Hunter explores the possibilities

Mark Northway: Investors should avoid crisis decision-making by following the rules

Wild moves in markets can present opportunities but investors must refrain from being led astray by cheap prices, writes Mark Northway.

Andrew Phipps: Getting to grips with the new tapered annual allowance

Andrew Phipps delves into the latest tapered annual allowance rules and concludes planning is essential.

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