Retirement income

Bernadette Lewis: Mental capacity and drawdown explained

Bernadette Lewis casts her technical eye over drawdown and mental capacity. Here, she outlines what could happen should clients suffer from conditions such as dementia in older age

Pension freedom withdrawals hit record £2.3bn in Q2

A record £2.3bn was withdrawn from pensions under Freedom and Choice in the second quarter of this year, reports James Phillips.

Adrian Boulding: Annuity/drawdown mix makes retirement gold blend

It's time for advisers to look more seriously at blending drawdown and annuity income as retirement needs change and income guarantee requirements compete with the desire for exposure to higher growth asset classes, writes Adrian Boulding

Jason Hollands: Is the ‘Golden Age’ of pension tax relief set to end?

There is no certainty what the autumn Budget might bring for pensions but, writes Jason Hollands, it would be naïve to think any changes will make them more attractive than they currently are for higher-rate taxpayers

Rob McMurrich: Are pension saving innovations really distractions?

Rob McMurrich looks at three eye-catching pension saving innovations and asks if these 'hares' are overtaking the 'tortoise' policy of auto-enrolment and more traditional products...

Adrian Boulding: A little (financial) knowledge is a dangerous thing

Is ever-increasing engagement with pension savings always the right thing? Here Adrian Boulding argues a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing for people not prepared to put the effort into getting to grips with their finances...

Andrew Pennie: Key retirement income research ‘ignores advice’

Andrew Pennie looks at the PLSA's recent retirement income research paper, Hitting the Target. He argues the research misses a golden opportunity to highlight the value of financial advice

Neil MacGillivray: Flat-rate tax relief raises its head once more

With rumours of flat-rate tax relief circulating once again, Neil MacGillivray suggests advisers might want to bring up the subject with clients who are in a position to make further contributions ahead of the Budget

Revealed: Final shortlists – 2018 Women in Financial Advice Awards

Regional categories for Financial Adviser of the Year

RP case studies: Dealing with a decumulation pension rule quirk

In the latest RP case study, Jessica List looks at a quirk in the rules governing UFPLS and enhanced protection of tax-free cash

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Laura Suter: Six funds to consider in times of volatility

The jittery markets at the end of last year no doubt led to some advisers getting more pre-Christmas calls from their clients than usual...