Estate planning

Bright idea: LTC funding via flexi-access drawdown

Bright idea: LTC funding via flexi-access drawdown

An ageing population brings with it the inevitable increase in demand for social care. Paying for long-term care is a big issue - not just for...

A reality check on death benefits

The adviser community greeted the initial announcements on death benefit changes, in September 2014, with disbelief. While it did seem a bit too good to...
The multiple trusts waiting game

What is going on with multiple trusts?

Over the years a strategy of setting up trusts on different days has become a popular wealth planning strategy with advisers. This process, known as the...

Long-term care: Deferred payment agreements explained

The combination of the savings gap and people generally living longer means that long-term care is now an essential part of planning for clients'...

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