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Revealed: First shortlists for 2018 Women in Financial Advice Awards

Rising Star, Mentor of the Year and more

Peter Hopkins: The nitty-gritty of discretionary death benefits

Peter Hopkins looks at discretionary death benefits and sets out a detailed list of dos and don'ts when going through the process with clients...

Fiona Heald: The importance of setting up powers of attorney

Solicitor Fiona Heald explores the importance of powers of attorney and urges advisers to give clients a nudge to help get the process started

Neil MacGillivray: Is the abolition of IHT on its way?

If the current IHT regime's days really are numbered, writes Neil MacGillivray, then advisers with clients who have held off making gifts for IHT planning purposes may want to get them to act

Bob Champion: Why the later life adventure is a personal journey

Bob Champion looks at the Institute of Fiscal Studies' End of Life data set which throws up some interesting stats which advisers can use to drive client conversations...

George Houston: Are clients really interested in IHT?

George Houston looks at the emotive issue of IHT and says, while it is never straightforward, a discussion with clients is an essential part of the advice process

John Humphreys: Trusts, trust and family wealth planning

John Humphreys has trust issues. Here, he runs through the key considerations for advisers when working with families who wish to pass wealth from one generation to another...

Later life advisers must broaden approach to suit client needs

Later life advisers should look to broaden their range of services and offer an "ensemble" proposition to better serve changing client needs, reports Jenna Towler

Revealed: All the winners of the Retirement Planner Awards 2018

All the winners of the Retirement Planner Awards 2018

RP Forum 2018: ABI’s Rob Yuille confirmed as keynote speaker

Retirement Planner reports...

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