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Bob Champion: Reflections on selling the family home

Bob Champion pens a heartfelt piece about the sale of his late mother’s house, the family home for 62 years. Here he reflects on happy memories, trips to Stamford Bridge, why downsizing isn’t always the easy option and how equity release could help.

Lisa Webster: The Staveley case explained

Lisa Webster takes a detailed look at the Staveley case concerning IHT liabilities.

IHT investigations yield £274m to reach four-year high

IHT investigations carried out by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) brought in £274m tax last year from estates that had underpaid, according to law firm Wilsons.

Advisers must adapt to over 60s’ complex needs as retiree market ‘fragments’

The retirement advice market must shift its focus from the ‘typical’ retiree it has served in the past as clients experiences become more complex and fragmented, according to analysis from Canada Life.

Neil MacGillivray: Common sense (finally) prevails on IHT

Advisers breathed a collective sigh of relief following the Supreme Court's decision in the Staveley case, around IHT on transfers made by clients in ill-health. Here Neil MacGillivray reflects on the ground-breaking judgement, which echoed a case he'd tried to help an adviser with several years ago…

Clare Moffat: What advisers need to know about the Staveley case

Clare Moffat looks at the outcome of the long-running Staveley case which brought clarity to IHT liabilities in light of pension transfers or switches made in ill-health. Here she explains everything advisers need to know

Neil MacGillivray: CGT hike worries could be wide of the mark

With capital gains tax (CGT) the subject of the Chancellor’s latest tax review, fears are that a tax hike is imminent, writes Neil MacGillivray. However, going by past OTS reports it may not all be doom and gloom…

Long-running Staveley case clarifies ill-health pension transfer rules

The long-running HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) v Parry & Ors case, otherwise known as the Staveley case, has concluded Staveley’s actions gave rise to an inheritance tax bill, bringing clarity around pension transfers or switches made in ill-health.

Libby Holding: New rules on making wills using video-conferencing

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has finally announced that video-conferencing can now be used for the witnessing of wills in England and Wales, writes Libby Holding, who goes through steps advisers can take to make sure they follow the newly-amended rules.

Jessica List: Divorce, pension sharing and the LTA

When getting divorced people might not have pension sharing orders or the lifetime allowance at the forefront of their mind, writes Jessica List. However, it pays to keep these things in mind...

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