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Jonathan Simmons: Thinking outside the IHT box

Stellar AM's Jonathan Simmons looks at the traditional solutions to inheritance tax and some alternative options for clients.

Scrapping pensions tax-free cash to pay for IHT abolition branded ‘terrible idea’

The Institute of Economic Affairs' (IEA) idea to scrap pensions tax-free cash to help pay for inheritance tax (IHT) abolition has been branded "a terrible idea".

Total IHT receipts reach £5.4bn in 2018/19

People in the UK paid just under £5.5m in IHT last year, HMRC figures show.

Claire Trott: Family wealth is changing

Retirement planning is in for a shake-up, particularly from a familial perspective, predicts Claire Trott, because the way money is passed through generations is changing …

IHT rules remain unclear to consumers, research finds

Some 40% of people do not know how much money can be passed on free of inheritance tax (IHT), research from Zurich...

Christina Stone: IHT planning and intergenerational wealth transfers

Inheritance tax (IHT) was once a concern only for the rich and famous. Rising asset values and static thresholds are...

A quarter of estates that pay IHT are investigated by HMRC

Almost a quarter of all estates that pay inheritance tax are investigated by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), a freedom...

Laura Suter: The taxing task of IHT simplification

The long-awaited report on how to simplify the inheritance tax (IHT) system came out this month, and it is not an overstatement...

Young people awaiting inheritances to make big life decisions – Killik

Younger people are holding back from major life decisions, such as buying a home, starting a family or dealing with...

RP Case Study: Deciphering inheritance when expression of wishes are not clear

Nate, 63, passed away in early 2019 with a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) which was crystallised in 2013. His SIPP has an expression of...

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